Category Orientation

A Practical Definition of “Extremist”

When you disagree with someone, and assuming that the subject of disagreement is not one that can be scientifically verified one way or the other, if you cannot find one thing about the other person’s argument that you admire, if you cannot find one thing about your own argument that causes you concern, then you are […]

My Target Audience

The aspiration for this blog is to separate informative signal from political noise, and bring a civil voice to public policy discussion. I do not seek to enroll those who subordinate or abdicate their reason, their imagination, and their free will to any party, ideology or religion.   On the contrary, I’m looking to enroll those who will bring their strength […]

The Only Ground Rule

There is only one ground rule for participating in this blog: respectful discourse. First, by “respectful” we mean: Say what you mean—be honest, no attempts to ignore or manipulate data to conform to a preconceived notion; follow the evidence, don’t try to shape it or fabricate it. Mean what you say—have integrity, and courage and coherence in your […]

Hello world!

As stated in the blog’s excessively lengthy tag line, and as explained in the “About” page, my aspiration for this blog is pretty lofty. But there are a few cards that honesty compels me to put on the table. I would not be unfair of you to assume that I don’t know what I’m talking about. […]