Monthly Archives: March 2017

Blueprint for Trouble

Allow me to posit a principle: There are multiple parties with a stake in the success of any organization.  Businesses, for example, all have at least these five: customers, employees, owners, vendors, and the various communities to which they belong.  Now allow me to posit a principle: When an organization (a government, a business, a […]

Intellectual Caliber

Based on my experience and observational research, I have come to value the intellectual caliber of a person based on how they measure up on the product of three dimensions: Intellectual Caliber = Intellectual Strength x Intellectual Integrity x Intellectual Humility Descriptions of what is meant by each of these dimensions are provided below.  They […]

Healthcare Reform Issues & Concerns

As I write this, the Republicans have just brought out their replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Listening to the arguments pro and con, there is one issue in particular that I fear is being misrepresented, and there is another issue in particular that I fear has been lost or is being ignored. The […]