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American citizenship must be something more grand than just increasing the size of one’s piece of the pie

Great societies die, not from murder, but from suicide.  It happened to the Greeks, it happened to the Romans, and the United States is not so special that it can’t happen to us.  We came close during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was prophetic about this in his speech given at the Young Men’s Lyceum of […]

Choosing Between Good, but Competing, Values

The toughest choices any individual or any group has to make are the ones where two good, but competing values are at stake. Choosing between a good value and a bad value is simple. Respecting the property of others is good, theft and vandalism are bad. Even when it gets a bit more complicated, such as a situation where the greater good […]

Privacy vs. Security

In my 2009 book, Windward Leadership: Taking Your Organization into the Prevailing Winds on Political Seas, I cited the issue of privacy vs. security as one of the looming issues that will test our republic in choosing which is the higher of two good, but competing values. We see this now in the policy discussions about […]

A Rule of Thumb for Assessing Political Candidates

Here’s a simple rule of thumb that I use when I assess anyone in, or aspiring to, a leadership position–especially political candidates.  If the chief “product” that they are “selling”–if the backbone of their rhetoric–is something of which you should be afraid and who you should blame for it, then I cross them off your list–they are […]

Confidence, Each in Our Own Faith and in Our Country

I find myself deeply troubled by the words and acts of hatred currently being expressed and committed against Muslim Americans and Muslims seeking refuge in America simply because they are Muslim.  First, I am not a believer in collective guilt.  Second, I find myself wondering why Christians weren’t similarly persecuted when the KKK or the […]