My Target Audience

The aspiration for this blog is to separate informative signal from political noise, and bring a civil voice to public policy discussion.

I do not seek to enroll those who subordinate or abdicate their reason, their imagination, and their free will to any party, ideology or religion.   On the contrary, I’m looking to enroll those who will bring their strength of intellect and strength of character to bear in ways that break those chains of blind obedience with information to counter speculation, and reason to counter intellectual laziness, manipulation or deception.

I hope to enroll people who:

  • Are self-reliant people of integrity, whose souls are troubled by hypocritical ethics.
  • Are free and independent thinkers, and choose to be the creative force in their life.
  • Are able to listen without judging, with the intent first to understand.
  • Use their best judgment at all times, and take responsibility for their decisions and actions.
  • Cannot be bribed, corrupted, or compromised, who are as open to persuasion as they are ready to persuade.
  • Realize that if we do not plan and make careful choices for ourselves, then others will do so for us.
  • Act with courage in their own convictions, while respecting those of others.
  • Avoid neither risks nor responsibility, nor fear failure—only the lost opportunity to make a difference.
  • Are composed, indefatigable, and learn from their mistakes.
  • As they strive to turn their intentions into reality, will use wisely whatever power with which they are entrusted.

If you believe that our republic’s best interests are best served by neglecting or manipulating information so others reason to your conclusion, If you find a line of reasoning or a tactic acceptable when it supports your beliefs or when it is employed by those with whom you agree, but you find it unacceptable when it casts doubt on your beliefs or when it is employed by those with whom you disagree, if you prefer to neglect or skew information that doesn’t support your position, rather than challenging your position in the face of that information, if you are under the impression that you strengthen the merits of your argument by increasing the volume with which you make it, or the rudeness with which you make it, or with the costume you wear when you make it, or with the weapon you carry when you make it, then The Continental Party is not for you.

However, if you believe that the only person in an honest disagreement who is crazy is the one who says that their way is the only way, if you believe the public interest is best served by full and honest information and allowing people to freely reason to their own conclusions, if you respect the fact that the other person’s opinions hold as much value for them as yours do for you, if you find some aspects of the other person’s argument agreeable and some aspects of your own argument troubling, if you doubt a little of your own infallibility, if you believe people who nobly disagree can reason together, then The Continental Party just may be for you.



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