The Only Ground Rule

There is only one ground rule for participating in this blog: respectful discourse.

First, by “respectful” we mean:

  • Say what you mean—be honest, no attempts to ignore or manipulate data to conform to a preconceived notion; follow the evidence, don’t try to shape it or fabricate it.
  • Mean what you say—have integrity, and courage and coherence in your convictions; an argument or behavior can’t be “right” when it supports your point of view, and “wrong” when it supports an opposing point of view, side with principles, not with people.
  • Don’t be mean when you say it—be civil; remember that the other person’s opinion is as important to them as yours is to you, attacking a point of view is OK, attacking a person is not.

By “discourse” we mean come to the conversation as open to persuasion as you are ready to persuade.  There are many ways of looking at something; the only person who is certainly crazy is the one who thinks that their way is the only way.



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