Hello world!

As stated in the blog’s excessively lengthy tag line, and as explained in the “About” page, my aspiration for this blog is pretty lofty. But there are a few cards that honesty compels me to put on the table.

I would not be unfair of you to assume that I don’t know what I’m talking about.  Of course, I think that is a fair thing to assume of just about anyone; I’m just making sure to include myself.

First, I do not pretend to represent the opinions or perspective of anyone other than myself.  I have no following of any kind, no illusion of any mandate, not one disciple, not even a groupie.  My guess is that with this blog I risk pleasing, disappointing, or simply boring maybe a dozen people.

In fact, my authority to host such an endeavor is questionable. I have been an executive in a Fortune 250 firm, an entrepreneur and small business owner, a consultant and an author, but I’ve not worked one second in politics.  At no time have I ever had to put my life, or my fortune, or my sacred honor on the line for a matter of public policy–I have been strictly a spectator and have not called one play on the field.  I’m pretty much an average guy who’s tried to keep up with life’s reading and homework, and I cannot lay claim to any particular authority.

Nor do I have any conferred title on which to establish my credibility.  You’ll see no “Doctor,” or “PhD,” or any other such credential next to my name.  You won’t even find me in Wikipedia.

And I do not bring any originality to the task.  Everything I will share in this blog has been said before, and better, by others.

So, I have no mandate, no authority, no title, and no originality.  I do consider myself an educated person. My formal training is in Quantitative Methods, and I’ve made a career out of creating new organizations, renovating under-performing ones, and kicking successful ones out of their complacency and group-think.  I am modestly well read, and I’d like to think that I have reasonable powers of analysis and discernment.  I also consider myself an amateur student of history, working hard to discern historical fact from historical mythology.  Except in affairs of the heart where it is abysmal, my “attunedness” (i.e., the art and science of knowing what the hell’s going on around you) is fair.  Perhaps most importantly, at least for the purpose of this blog, is that I do have nerve and a point of view.

Let’s get started.


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